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The F.W. Bell 8000 Series Gauss/Tesla meters incorporate the latest
developments in magnetic flux density measurement technology with a
modern user interface. It features a large display for easy viewing, a
comprehensive keypad for control of common functions, and an easy-touse
menu system. The 8010 model features a single channel while the
8030 model provides three input channels. Both models provide high
accuracy suitable for use in the laboratory and enough features to be
versatile in a manufacturing environment.​

  •   Bright 1/4-VGAReadout 
  •   Large electroluminescent graphic display 
  •   Over 100 standard probes available 
  •   Automatic probe coefficient correction 
  •   Displays in Gauss, Tesla, Amp/meter or Oe 
  •   Relative Mode
  •   Fully menu-driven for easy operation 
  •   Auto Zero and Auto Calibration 
  •   IEEE-488 and RS-232 interface 
  •   CE Compliant 
  •   Manufactured to ISO 9000 standards 
  •   Comprehensive Technical Support

8030 Gauss / Tesla Meter

SKU: 8030
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